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Author xlsy221
Tags author:xlsy221 bitesized playable rated rockets survival-like
Created 2008-02-19
Last Modified 2009-01-01
by 15 people.
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Description The first room is hard (for me), but if you get passed you kind of always complete the level.

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don't be sorry
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sorry Steve100 but the first room took me very long, but if you now how to play it its pretty easy indeed.


Different route.
I wish more maps like this got bitesized, I know it doesn't look good but who cares if it plays nice.
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Got this demo after a few tries.
Funny thing is the first room wasn't hard at all.
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all gold

really screwed up the second last room, but I don't wanna do the first part again. great map. 4.5
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Excellent map!

This map has much better gameplay than even some of the best maps out there. I liked this map a lot. Kept me occupied for 20 minutes. Medium difficulty I'd say. 4.5 and faved.
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No trouble with this map. But it is fun. 4/5
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