Graph Theory

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx bitesized featured hard-ish playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-03-04
by 81 people.
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Description To all you puzzlers, I present a potentially tough puzzle map. It was annoyingly difficult to construct, so you better like it.

A very special thanks to player_03 for showing me how to use door glitches to allow passage either way through a corridor, but only once.

This map was featured on 2011-10-08

No.008 was the smartest. With not a second to spare, he began maneuvering throughout the maze. Observers watched as he flawlessly performed an act no other had achieved. Upon getting to the exit he struck an attractive pose and disappeared, never to be seen again. His story was passed down from generation to generation, and at one point he became the center of a religion called Tofurkey. Little did the people know his true identity: the master ninja, Nexx! With his amazing intelligence he himself crafted the maze, which went down in history as the "Greatest Maze in the World". — artistolipto

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Not really a puzzle but a cool mechanic.
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Lovely review. Well made map.
but I doubt the review would be as great, had I, instead.

Props artistolipto.

Great puzzle

I remember playing this... I would have sworn it was already featured though :3


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I agree with AMLT agreeing with lord_day agreeing with koipen and the person/people who will agree with me. Nevertheless, great map. 5aved.
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This map is all about the point of entry!

@Erik Player

I tried my hand at the entry point too.


amazing how I already had the highest score on NReality, I just didn't submit it

free * for me
I saw this and thought "didn't I play this map for like a couple hours and spammed up the comments however long ago?"

needless to say, of course I did

I still love this

I'm glad I was able

to try my hand at this after almost three years.

When you find the point of entry, you will soon realize that end is the best part.

Wow. Just wow.

Ohmygod, this is so awesome! Once I watched a replay, I did it 2nd try (woulda been 1st try if I hadn't run into a glitch in the glitch)!


Pretty good stuff

I did have to use graph theory to find a way around this map. Loved the work involved here. I look forward to seeing more from you, Nexx. 5aved.

koipen is right.

This map is all about the point of entry!


Can't believe it wasn't featured.
I'll take it as a cue to make more puzzle maps. :)


Euler path [].
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Good feature.

Grats Nexx.
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Surprising that...

... This was just featured now.

Once you find the entry place, it's nearly impossible to lose.
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1st try

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i usually hate puzzles but this was great...5
And yeah, I didn't literally mean any path, just that there are many possible paths.


Sorry heres the demo from the below comment.
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but would this be considered breaking the graph theory? It does say any path you would take from the right starting point works.


and I just read your comment about the graph theory. Maybe thats why finding the starting point was the hardest. :P


Figured it out. Finding out where to start was the hardest part for me. Definitely deserves a 5ave by me. Really original and great execution.
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I love this demo. You can only imagine my frustration. :P
Still working on completion. I will get this!
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So Tough~!!!!!

arghhh best puzzle ive evr played arghhhh cos its so puzlleeeeeeeeeee 5

fun to try,

although i can't come close to beating it. looks pretty nice too. 4/5 ;)


indeed I can :D
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It's quite alright, Radium.


I bumped it down to a 4.


Cool map Nexx.

I really enjoyed this, which is good because I usually don't like puzzles. The glitch usage was awesome.



Well, I accomplished my goal, so I'll stop there. Can you sub-1200 though?

faster AGD

beat that riobe :D
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Well yes, I suppose if you don't know graph theory, then it's a bit guess and check. But even then, I'd like to think the curious would begin wondering why any path taken from the wrong starting point won't work, while any path taken from the right starting point will work. Anyway, thanks for rating!


Thank you. I finally did it.
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