Architecture Ghost

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Author Onesevennine
Tags author:onesevennine hard playable puzzle unrated
Created 2008-03-15
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A short Puzzle. I haven't done a lot of these, thus, feedback is needed.


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Though I admit my method wasn't as clear.
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I agree with boba

Nice jumps, but it could've done without the there-and-back style. Also, putting a corner jump at the end is kinda mean. Well... I don't know. It's not a hard corner jump to hit, but it did cost me 2 perfectly good runs because I couldn't figure out how to get the exit switch (it's not as lame as it sounds - you have to try hard jumps repeatedly to finally get them, so I kept trying jumps that weren't working). But anyway, still pretty good. I love the tileset.
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