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Author Sniperwhere
Tags action author:sniperwhere metanet-ish playable rhcp unrated
Created 2008-03-20
Last Modified 2008-03-20
Rating 1 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description ...lets get carried away.

Whoever gets the fastest AGD demo by tomorrow afternoon gets a Ded.

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Two seconds better!
Demo Data


Well, I hope it becomes just as well organized and with the same gameplay as this one :)

I'm a freelancer, but today I had a lot of small breaks, so I tried to improve the score many times. :)


Ded I mean. What was I thinking AGD?!?

I know what you mean by a distraction from work. I'm supposed to be doing school work.

You get the AGD.

Check the newest maps. ;)


Your map is really a good distraction from work.
Here is one slightly faster (again) :)
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I do what I can.

Again better

Dude, I screwed up at the very end, could have been slightly faster....

Anyway, this is the last one...Ihope :P
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You shouldn't make such cool maps....
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I used to do that a lot. I have a whole series with RHCP names. I was just reminded by seeing your maps.

i see ur using a RHCP song name. nice. easily is a good song

At least

if no one posts a faster agd demo.


if no one else posts a demo, you get the ded.

Little better

Hope its enough :)
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Well, I guess this is my first demo in months again :)
Because its just a amazing map. Its perfect.

I'll try to make better demos.
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