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Author squibbles
Tags action author:squibbles mnnml playable rated squibbles
Created 2008-03-31
Last Modified 2008-04-01
by 7 people.
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Description MNNML Week 4.

Tilesets: Use a tileset from NUMA, and build a map around it.

The original tileset is found here:

It's by quegurjin...Love your work!

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Good map you done really well to build a level around this tileset, this tileset looks brilliant but is very hard to build on.

I like the way you only have to get the switches on one side to be able to get the exit switch.

My only slight problem is that it is a bit boring with only a gauss turret firing at you from one side - maybe a rocket or another gauss would help?

I think you done a great job though - 4/5
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i didnt know ma map would be used for sucha masterpeice


here i am... my name is kinda hard to remember. nice map though