Soul Moles

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Author 00tinytim00
Tags action author:00tinytim00 ded dedication nexx playable puzzle unrated
Created 2008-04-03
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Description Long action-puzzley map. The warning sign is there to warn you that there's a run-destroying trick there, so look before you leap. For serious. (Clue: it's a trick I took from Evil_Bob's maps.)

This map is a ded to Nexx because he is a COMMENTS AND RATINGS MACHINE and I need to return the favour somehow but am not very good at criticising particularly when he's a far better mapmaker at 40 maps than I am at 120. Hence why his name is in the bottom corner.

I'll be putting all my maps to music from now on. Unfortunately I can't think of a song that goes with this one, although I was thinking of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" when I made it. Use - you should be able to work it out.

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Pretty fun. I think I would normally give this a 3, but I'm feeling kinda lazy today, so this kind of lengthy, semi-puzzley map sits better with me right now. 3.5.
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keep it up 5/5
Here's an AGD.
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