Into the Sunset

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Author corncobs
Tags action author:corncobs bitesized corncobs featured playable rated teleporters
Created 2008-04-12
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description A laid-back teleporter map.

Started by Condog. Evil Bob, Losttortuga, notkitt, and Templex gave it additional love.

This map was featured on 2008-12-02

Some people think that adding a teleporter automatically makes a map good, which simply isn’t true. However, this map proves that modding doesn’t have to be a gimmick; occasionally it pulls us together and produces poetry in motion.

Whilst the aesthetics are consistent, each individual zone has a distinct gameplay, and the versatile placement makes sure that the map encourages whatever path you want to take with it, speedrunning or agds.

Truly, this map shows what we can do when we put our greatest minds together and focus on a common goal. Surely that’s what an online community is for?

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is a word I haven't used in a loong time. But this map deserves it :D
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Sad panda.
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Fun map, I like the individual challenges.

cool level
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It was decent.

The drones didn't really do anything and it seemed kind of clunky.
Loved the tileset, feature worthy, but not nearly a best.


Featured. Awesome.

then you're one of the all-stars.


But this is a huge exception. 4/5 and faved

all star lineup.
How does exist a featured map?(pleas answer in my map)

and this map is great, i realy liked, 4.5 up
Look it up here, there should be a useful article.


My last comment had a few mistakes in it.

But my final question was: How do you put teleports in a map?

I know

First of all, amazing map. 10/10 A perfect balance of everything.

But, I KNOW this will sound like I've never played N before, and for the information of those he think like insulting me, no I haven't played many times. How do you out in teleports?


I should have gone in depth more when I first commented on this. The placement is perfect, encouraging all sorts of different approaches to getting the gold and switches. The drones make the level more progressive as it moves along, preventing the map from becoming repetitive in addition to other things. All of the enemies were balanced perfectly, always wily and crafty but never unbalanced or unfair. And the aesthetics are akin to something I tried to make a while ago, and ultimately never truly succeeded in making work. Theres so much I could say about this map, i had to do something with it. Hope you enjoyed the review (which is only 100 words before anyone asks) and this brief supplement. :)




This is stunningly good. 5


all I can say is "WOW" its again 1 of those, "you'd a had to have been there because of the voice I made" type of things
I think I have to bitesize it.

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Very cool

I didn't like the one way box at the top though, it didn't really fit in with the rest of the level. 4.5/5