The Underground

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Author spudzalot
Tags author:spudzalot building fun hidden imagination kra mines playable rated rockets traps underground
Created 2008-04-16
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I really like this map. the mine placement i think is pretty good and the KRA is difficult but fun, especially the return trip. I love the idea. This was going to be part of the only 3 series but i couldnt think of a fun mine placement at the top so i did the chaingun thing instead.

i want to add an image to this but right now im tired and dont want to. maybe tomorrow. Anyway make sure you rate comment and have fun.

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heres a demo

hmmm.. the ending didn't do that before, all of the rockets would come out about the same time... ill try to fix that on my image version.
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the ending crap

too hard for the KRA for me. although i did spend a long time playing this map. hate the hidden traps as well. dont use them in future.
Demo Data

Its nice

apart from where you use trapdoors hidden behind bounce blocks

Demo Data

Hey, you're awake XD
I thought this was going to be an only 3, jeez..
Haha, anyways nice map 4.5/5
Check out my new one if you aren't already asleep.