7 Rooms of Survival (V1-Hard)

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Author madman948
Tags author:madman948 lasers rated survival
Created 2008-04-20
Last Modified 2008-04-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description In this level there are 7 rooms that are like small survival levels, exept you have to get all of the switches to get to the next room.
This map has two difficulties, hard (This map)
Or Easy ( )

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It's very challenging but i agree with spudz


how do you know if it was even him who sniped it? plenty of people comment without rating and rate without commenting.

and with the map, hidden enemies=not fun. i like some of the challenges just hidden enemies have serious problems with reaction time and can be unpredictable, therefore making the map not fun.

and try going for interesting looking tilesets. makes the map more attractive and has a better chance of people even giving the map a try.

anyway sorry for the criticism, and keep it up. 4/5

Nicely done

Fun idea, nice work, keep it up. - its still pretty easy.


You freakin sniped it
ya, that's really nice of you

thats nice......

ill be sure to be nice from now on