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Author funman
Tags author:funman rated
Created 2008-05-03
Last Modified 2008-05-04
by 5 people.
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Description repost and if any 1 comments why i fucking repost ill kill them any if any 1 asks any thing that dosnt have to do with the map ill kill them to :D :) i have those guys cuz the cool and if you think the anoying
just dont look at it em, and jezz why do i get sniped? dont anser that
just rate coment post demos and play

and if this is your type of map dont rate it please

play thes maps ill post in a sec please play?

there uber maps and now 1 plays them :(
its called fruit cake and it a puzzle thing
it is fun
omfg roflcopter super fun map please play it
or barnie will rape you!
wewt frewt awsome map i say its realy fun and somewhat hard

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great map 5/5

i faved it to :) the tileset was great and the flow was very smooth.

i dont see why other people get so pissed off by reposting, whats the problem. i know how you feel i have been sniped for it too.


i didnt play and got raped by barney
4/5, would be 4.5 but the chaingun in the tunnel was really unpredictable...

oh my grammar bad

good for it you counting bad
you rated 1.5 dumbass

oh thats it

description not the map
And neither is your grammar.

I'd give it a 3 but I didn't understand any of the description, so 2.5.

heres demo

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