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Author Arona_Daal
Tags arona author:arona_daal daal dedication drone nexx playable semi-puzzle tortuous trains unrated
Created 2008-05-04
Last Modified 2008-05-04
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Awkward gameplay and a bland Tileset...

Dedicated to Nexx for his excellent and generous advice in general, and his defense of mintnut in

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Liked the tileset a lot, you should try to put some gausses in the map to make it more interesting and less long

AGD minus 1

Looks nice and plays well, it's just too long, that's all. 3.5/5. Btw, thanks for giving me a ded for the reasons you did.
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All Gold Demo

It's a nice map, and quite easy too. I like it. 4/5.
Demo Data
Other than that, it's quite well designed, and it's interesting aesthetically.


Seems way too long but it is well done, looks like moder art of a city, haha.

AGD wouldn't be too hard to get, just long and annoying.