Cornered... Definitely

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n chaingun-drones dda laser-drone n-cornered non-playable rated resub rockets
Created 2008-05-20
Last Modified 2008-05-25
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description (Apparently I have a problem of different time zones, when I submit a map, majority of NUMA is sleeping. Is everyone awake right now? Because I'll be going to bed after a while)


W00T! Third one finally complete! Click n-cornered tag for other two.

This one has both lasers AND chainguns (3 of each), and my personal favourite, 2 rockets. This one is over 2500 frames. I had to use a launch pad ;_; but, oh well...

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Quite the DDA.
Did you remember to press 1 before playing the level?


I keep dying is it a hold right or left?


Im speechless...


Well I never!

Good, but...

There are too many of these DDA's around. Someone needs to think of something original.

4/5: 1 point lost for unoriginality, but still good.

top rated

cuz its longer than 5 dollars at subway

Very Nice

love it
mainly cuz of how the N goes through the chainguns line of fire

I'm awake

And, uh. Why did you say you do not like your own map? Lol, is that an impersinator or are you just looking back at your map?

Well, I like it.



Not sleep

School :D

not really



thats really good, impressive.

As I said last time

Technically Brilliant
A Good Job
now I hope I've cursed this dda again Muahahahaha.


Wow, I just watched it, I didn't like it... seriously ;_;