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Author Fazer
Tags author:fazer n-art snowflake unrated
Created 2008-05-28
Last Modified 2008-05-28
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Description snowflake:

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~50ms/f when played.
~Crashed when edited.
The edit pattern looks sickass though :P


wooooooooweeeeee wow thats like sooooo freakin' awesome on thumbnail! to bad i cant rate it. i would give either 4/5 or 5/5!

Really Cool But...

This is really good but it made my computer crash lol! 5/5
i see, thats ok then :P

(sorry - want to try and see what the BBCode looks like here)


in know how you did it...
did you get the other and use find and replace?

windows office word 2003
or another such program, and not all by hand. if it was a program then its good, better than your last. if it was by hand then i must say it was pretty retarded of you.