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Author spect
Tags action author:spect environment forest gamma-ray nihilism rated
Created 2008-05-28
Last Modified 2008-05-28
by 15 people.
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Description Dedicated to Yanni, because he was in #n when I was bored.

This map has all the elements a map needs. It's fun and challenging. It is not too hard, though. It has places to go if you need an even bigger challenge (gold). It is generally awesome.

This map was made in rememberence of all the great members of the community who influenced me, be it directly or indirectly. Making a list would be crazy.

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Sorry it ended this way.





Argh. tough ! x_O
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Deserves a 5.
Etz said all.


I love the feel of this map, 5/5
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I like YOU I like YOU
GO loveING have fun outside YOU loveING bear I WISH YOU COULD JUST have sex YOU DAMN SON OF A bear!!!!!!!
love! poo!
THIS MAP IS loveING poo! love DO I like IT! ACK!

spect, I balls you.


i really liked it, 4

agd -3

i just didn't see the gold down there.
Demo Data

Truly amazing!

No useless mine, the gold is perfectly placed, and the switches are too. The rocket was sweet, insane, amazing, whatever - uber-awesomely-placed - just the thwump is quite useless in my eyes.
The look is awesome too!
This deserves a 5 and I want this too be a featured map.
It's a one-in-a-million map.
Awesome, amazing, I'm out of words..
really, nice.

You, sir.

Are the definition of <3.

I shall play this soonly!