The Blackvine Project

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Author Etz
Tags author:etz dronemod lasers playable rated sneaking
Created 2008-05-30
Last Modified 2008-06-01
by 10 people.
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Description *** Please use NReality for this one ***
DroneMod. My first. Got the idea from Dead_N's "Ion Beam".

Dedication to the fastest agd without being detected by the laser drones (Please put demos on NReality, just to be sure, you played it there)
Dead Line for submission is tomorrow, evening, in MY timezone (about 28 hours to go.)

**origami_alligator gets the ded**

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and I'm really not a very good player.

1 drone

and only 1. This thing is really hard to do if you don't want to activate a single drone...
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-speed demo on Nreality-

and on here... :D
Demo Data

thanks everyone

or comments and rates
very fun :D

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yeah you are right. But wouldn't N be very boring, if everybody would make typical n maps only?


is nothing compared to N itself. It takes awway the tue essence of it if you ask me.

Muwahahaha! AGD

Here is a demo of me completely cheating. Its easier this way...
Demo Data


I just can't do it. But its a very good idea. That one to the very right is so evil! 5/5
Play it in NReality, then it won't be that boring.

meh boring

Too easy 3
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