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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized featured minimal playable rated rockets
Created 2005-09-02
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Rocket-based. Fairly minimal, I think. Completion is quick, so try getting some gold along the way.

This map was featured on 2015-02-23

File this one under “Harder Than It Looks.” The exit switch seems so peaceful up there, floating in the heavens above elegant spires of gold and rock... Easy peasy, right? I bet it’ll take you several tries to get the exit switch the first time. As for the gold, well, just prepare to have a lot of good runs ruined; the rockets, mines, and slopes require some surprisingly precise acrobatics. This minimalist piece from almost a FULL DECADE AGO is yet another testament that our mapping forefathers knew their stuff and could teach us a thing or two today. — Nexx

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First try speedrun

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who knows...

I hope he's alive. stepself, if you can read this, tell us you're alive. kthxbai


ya think he saw it?
My point was not that it's sooo hard, but that it's harder than it looks.


it's not that hard and a little on the boring side
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which is...

here :P []


if you ever read this comment, please check out the remix I made of this.


Would you believe, 5/5?


It's slow, but it's all-gold. That was way harder than I thought it would be. Great map.
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I LOVE (if there is enough roomof course) ROCKET dodge=ing levels. SUCH AS THIS! Checkit out I didn't finish but i dodged some sick yeahwhatever.
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Speed Run


Nice map... liked the flow... didn't go for gold though
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Some-gold. I had a few slip-ups. Precision is key in this level.
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