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Author handofgod
Tags action author:handofgod jumper mod nreality playable rated
Created 2008-07-10
Last Modified 2008-07-10
by 6 people.
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Description ----------PLAY IN NREALITY---------------

this is my first mod level, featuring the good old rotating laser!
put demo's on Nreality please.

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mines were irrational; putting them on the walls could have been more affective.


+ Jumping over the rotating drone
+ I love these types of levels
- Mines on the ground (mines on the walls are cooler)
- You can fall off the ledges and live, just climb back up the walls to get back
- You have to go on the walls to get some of the gold

Pretty good map, but it could benefit from smoother tiles (not necessarily smoother, but more uniform, not so random looking) and a greater sense of height (that spike on the floor kills it).



ok thanks

pretty sure it works now.
please change
6^300,60,0,1,1,1^0,-0.5,,,0 or something like that