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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-05
by 42 people.
Map Data

Description You only need to do 2 columns, but doing them all is a real test of nerve.

This map was featured on 2012-05-06

“A woman has a much better chance than a man of acquittal on a murder charge. If she happens to be a blonde her chances rise about 45 percent.” - John McGeorge

Haven't you had enough? Take this!
2005, seven years have passed, yes, of course I can repeat, 2005...zoasBE

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but seriously...

...what the fuck is up with the review?


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First Try Demo.

This looks complex for an AGD. :\
Didn't really like the feel/look that much. 3/5 sorry.
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cool sayko!
Me too wad trying to jump, but on Super Mario :P


I was around. Wasn't mapping, of course, i was just trying to jump :D

bravo golkid ;)
But that song had a clear sense of build from beginning to end, while this map (since you can do the sections in any order and they're all basically the same) just kind of stagnates to me.

But, hey, for 2005? holy balls.

AGD again

Much faster than before, now that I've gotten a little more comfortable with this.
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2005? No-one was around in 2005!


A few tricky spots, and only one really tricky gold to get, in the first column I did. Love these kinds of maps, and this is I think my favorite Sendy map that I've played.
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what even

is this review

I didn't like it.
but people say that i'm stupid.

did two columns

before dying.

Some of the mine placement is poor, but otherwise this is surprisingly good.

Also the review is eerily prescient because I was literally just watching Chicago ._.
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a real test of nerve.


(talking about real tests of nerves)...

im fucking good man. this and other levels are the ones that keep telling by themselves who are the best player.

come on, give it a try, beat this thing catching ALL FUCKING GOLD!.


PS: LOVED IT sendy.
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that was cool

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that was cool

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I accidentally sent in Sendy's replay after watching it (my first replay).

Here's the proper one
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All paths

Demo Data


Here's my completion (1st try :D)

I'll send one with all paths soon
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looks 3d.


makes a nice change from impossibly hard puzzles. 4.5/5


this is in my userlevels. 5/5

My demo is also lame =P
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Oh my....

Brilliant, wonderful stuff... 5/5, and favourited, and man this map rocks...

Here, have a completition much lamer than yours.
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5 outta five

One of my favorite maps by you.

Good 4/5

Loved the tileset as well


Some gold in the middle would make it not seem bare. Fun and challenging. 4/5


Of lame.
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