Forestry 2

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Author yungerkid
Tags author:yungerkid flowy race rated
Created 2008-07-16
Last Modified 2008-07-16
by 7 people.
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Description i made this one a while ago as a test level to see if it was the right kind of flow. according to destiny, it was. i didn't think of submitting it then, but there's nothing wrong with submitting it now. enjoy! even though there are no enemies...

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wait a minute...

i can edit this! it's not rated yet. ahh...perhaps i should edit it to produce a new version.

NO ONE RATE THIS MAP!! i don't want editing to become locked.

this was basically

a flow test. lol i agree it's not the best and all.

is this your first?

2\5. No enemies boring and easy. Flow sucked at some parts, too


the complaints...really easy, hard and bad near end, too short, not many enemies, feels unfinished. i might put a bit of time into this, and resubmit it as a more complete race.
but it looks and feels unfinished. seems like a few areas need some fixing



is messed up by the end, and it's loopy. And not much enemies. It was an ok race. But then again, you made it a while back. Nice job though. 3


Mostly really easy (I kept completely missing jump but getting to the next part anyway) and then suddenly a couple of really hard bits near the end.
As well as that its too short, and messing up almost never kills you

flow/path demo

Demo Data