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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon cramped hard playable rated rockets
Created 2008-07-22
Last Modified 2008-07-23
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to Meta_Ing

The best map I've ever made. Comment if you disagree.
Rate & Comment me and I'll do the same for you.

1st completion = 2 DEDs

Edit- I took out one of the rockets in the beginning.

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Damn man this map is frickin hard but I liked it 5/5


it when you start on a mine


think it WAS pretty good. Too many mines though. That spils my appetite.
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na captain falcon!!


Your negativity is fine.

The map is also fine. 3.5/5 rounded up.
as long as my wit of people who've complained about me saying negative things, but most of the ones who took on board went on to

Maybe you should

make a good map, then I can eulogise about it!

Seriously though, this wasn't very good. Make a FUN map! That would be grand.

@ Msyjsm

Wow.. I wish I was that good at N. Congrats.

@ fishbone



Jeez you're one cranky guy. I rarely hear anything positive coming out of you.

I didn't like

the drones, i agree with mintnut


Bad enemy choices; uneven and stilted gameplay, cramped tileset; complete lack of gold.

Not to mention your description.

I also thought the name was in bad taste , but that's neither here nor there; I am not all that knowledgeable on taste.

great close call here
Demo Data

Anutha completion

took awhile but i finished it too
Demo Data

Completion :)

Kinda hard. I actually thought the start was harder than the end.

Either way, a good shortish challenge.

Demo Data


start is the easy bit.

terrible hard

but good


So difficult


I'll take out one.. it's overkill.


but i can't complete it...those two rockets in the beginning are killers

that's mean

dude c'mon feel some love for my people

So hard

It's almost like a race, you have to keep moving. I think it coulda done without the free-moving laser drone though. (The other two look nice)