The Speed Of Air

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- chainguns destiny playable race rated
Created 2008-07-25
Last Modified 2008-07-25
by 11 people.
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Description Collab between da_man and myself! With any luck, there'll be more on the way too ^^

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was what made it great, but was also its downfall. Its like you two were creating two separate maps here. sometimes i had to jump, othertimes not jump. But there was no way to tell which, there was no pattern, because of two diff authors
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I don't get

why people care about close calls in a race. A race isn't a DDA... I care mainly about the atmosphere given by the enemies, which the chainguns did very well. I would've liked it more if they fired more, though. I also like confusing paths, as long as they aren't too confusing, because they make you think as opposed to paths that are really obvious and are no fun to figure out. I really liked the path here, especially trying to figure out the best time to jump. The flow wasn't perfect, but still a lot above average. The only thing I didn't really like here was the tileset - it just looked messy to me. Overall, a strong 4/5.
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5 rates in 15 minutes.


yungerkid got the key points, but it's fun IMO. Maybe I like the unique flow. (i.e. the beginning.) 4


this is not so lacks speed, the path is confusing, i have never seen a map where chainguns have close-calls, and the flow is half-hearted. i was expecting more. 3/5


was looking forward to this.

Oh snap!!!!

I should of submitted mine later. :P


just in case =D
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