Scenic Skyline Seen from Shrubbery

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Author kisler
Tags author:kisler dedication nexx rated rol tag
Created 2008-07-25
Last Modified 2008-07-25
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description My map for the month. Yay.

This map is dedicated to Nexx for placing third in the Rule of Law Contest!

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Demo Data

I kinda like this

Obviously it's not too exciting since there are no enemies, but the gold placement is interesting for AGD speedrunning. 3/5

AGD-1: (because it's a higher score than my AGD)
Demo Data
So, not my first map.

First map: []


Is this your first map, or did you delist some?

I liked it..

but it wasn't very fun. I know that it is supposed to be minimalistic, but it just wasn't enthralling.

Not a good one either. T-T
Oh, I quite like this map, by the way. It's clean, wholesome fun. 4