Brail Braid

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-07-28
Last Modified 2008-07-28
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to Skyline356.

This was originally intended to be a collaboration between Skyline and me. I had given him a tileset, to which he returned it to me with some diagonal launch pads. They were faced the opposite direction, being more obstructive than constructive. I decided to see what happened if I repositioned them so that they'd help your ninja along, and I couldn't stop building.

I very much enjoyed this one. Maybe you could, too.

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Demo Data

Holy shit!!!

I pressed "suprise me" on the search box and I got this map and then i pressed it again and this map came up again!!!!!!!!!! Far out!!!! That must be like 1 in 150000 chance!!!!! Cool map by the way


1 second faster than my last one.. *reviews*
Demo Data
And i love it.


i enjoyed figuring out how to do it, but, if im honest, i didnt enjoy it that much at all.


that last

jump just pulled everything together. a high 4 from me.
Demo Data

*I meant Nreality

not unreality ;) keyboard slipped before I could change it :)
And here's the demo data for all u peeps w/o nreality:
Demo Data

Terrific Map

Utterly orgasmic.
Unreality for the 153.050 demo :P


I was just poking fun and I'm pretty sure TRT was just asking an honest question.

There's no need to get so worked up about it :)
or however you spell it

i have told you what i think

live with it!

do not respond to this, because i grow impatient of your continious rant


Have you even played this map or do you just remark based on the thumbnail?
What would this map be without the launchpads??
sorry, again, its not a bad map, get rid of the launchpads
each to their own and all...


ignore the comment below; this is worth at least a 2.5!


umm its a bit...

bob, no offense, i just hate the launchpads

really nice

completion demo-
Demo Data


Very cool.


Sarcasm. Doesn't seem hard to understand, especially for me since I like to be sarcastic.

1....out of 1.

and J3ZZA

either you are a complete retard, or i don't understand your sarcasm.. bluenin is right, this map totally sucked, i couldn't feel a thing either.. :[


You obviously can't appreciate sarcasm, or humor.
This is a good map, if you look down my comment you'll notice a "5", which is indicative of what I rated this map.

Yahoozy = <3


if you are talking about the written language in which blind people read.. that would be braille.. oh, unless of course you mean the ropes in which are used to help pull up sails.. haha, overall the concept is fun and really addictive, 5/5

i dont care

if u comment about what i said before against the brail thing, who cares it was a stupid statement. but still, u cant read the screen by feeling it!

what the hell man?

bluenin, u cant possibly play teh level by feeling the screen! anyway the map is cool but i cant seem to finish it! gee i suck at this.... its a good challenge with two gauss turrets and they seem to be placed in the perfect spot! ill give u a 4.5 for this, nice work!



This sucks

I tried to play the map by feeling the screen, but it was flat. Your brail is no good.
And neither is your bride.


for some reason

i totally suck at this level. it's really cool, though. the tileset and jumper pads strangely match together.

No doubt

Definately a 5, but I still think it could have done without one of the guass turrets. This reminds me of a map you made a while ago, where you used lines of launch pads, but in a different way. I love the last jump to the exit.


Me and my dumb typos. xDDDDD absolutely*

also, wooooooooo

very fun to play around in... especially when you get nailed by a gauss.... 4.5
..but I can see how someone can get entangled into playing this for AGD. x_x; I hate jumping so much, but ya gotta love the map. xDDDD
Five! Except the only part I don't like about it is the tiles up at the top next to the highest gold on the right. They're really the only not fluent part on the map.