Pale Hollow

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Author magirocker
Tags author:magirocker collab hollow losttortuga pale race rated
Created 2008-08-11
Last Modified 2008-08-11
by 16 people.
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Description Collab with Losttortuga.
Kinda a blend of our styles, I think :)

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i killed a mine :O

and kept going :O
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brought up the average ^^
between this and your drone race gadgetzan I'm not sure which I like more

Sexy Time Buddies.

4/5, for nice flow and a genius tileset.

Pretty cool race

And great tileset especially the tree tileset in the top right.


I kinda noticed it was accidental too. Doesn't affect my rating though.

Hmm riobe

the multi-paths kinda appeared accidentally, but I like them too. the main path is as far as I know the only way for all the gold though, although you can jump around and get it a different way :)

The style is mostly his because my initial idea for the race was not really my style, and then he totally put his own awesome ideas into it :D
But really. Pure awesomeness.
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I love how the style and the atmosphere compliment each ther perfectly IMO. Seems more Losttortuga style though. I also really like how there is more than one path. Well done on this one indeed.

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I didn't even notice the race tag....


but really fun. Nice tileset too.
AGD - watch in debug mode, as I cheated death once.
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I'll try for an AGD.
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