SpliNter Cell

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt dronemod dronepath gtmspecial nreality rated
Created 2008-08-31
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Its another experiment with alarm drones from me, this time experimenting with drone pathing and increased speed. REQUIRES N reality, so dont play it if u dont have it. Have a go, Ill edit if there are some problems.

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1st try

omg this was acctually my first try

i did good
fun 5/5
even though i hate alarm drones :)
Demo Data

1st try

omg this was acctually my first try

i did good
fun 5/5
even though i hate alarm drones :)


good map

I don't like this.

It's just too random (IMO this isn't one of your best). :]


I am psyched! To bad I didn't record a demo... v_v

nice concept


What about...

a REAL stealth map were being spotted means instant death :p
I assume its possible to control the rate the circle expands...

Yeah good point

Ill try and make a small version which encourages stealth rather than artful dodging.

Completion Demo

For maps with this drone mod where the goal is to sneak around them, I think you should lower the drone movement speed so it gives the map a more tense, stealthy feel. But still the map was pretty fun. Im gonna have to give this dronemod a try.
Demo Data


Santa Hat's is a death demo :P


Assuming santa hat's is just a completion, this is the fastest agd :)

agd - 3395 / 161.125
Demo Data


That was just a particularly sadistic map maker ;)

My mistake

The original alarm drone map had some that kept moving (though not chasing) when expanding, I thought most were like that

Oh btw

Thanks everyone :P

Lol Splinter? :)

Alarm drones cant chase and expand anyway. Or at least not with considerable modding.


I've generally disliked alarm drones before. But this map is AMAZING. They seem much fairer this way as well (stopping when they see rather than expanding AND chasing). The map itself is pretty punishing, but doesnt feel impossible, Ill work on an agd (not looking at others)
5/5 +faved, I guess


this map is amazing
Demo Data

And lol, 11 comments and 1 rating.


these guys are way too hax, it seems impossible to make a bad level with them
Demo Data


Im gonna expand on this concept, but dont expect me to go overboard.


i like this

make another!


I hate you...
Ill include them as often as possible.

"2-3 alarm drones"

either way, gimme a guide on a path to beat this damned level.., wait, no, leave it up to Xaelar =P

Then this is a brilliant map, well placed and well AIed. 5/5 dude, you earned it.


There are two exclusive paths for the bottom left section, the others are looping a circuit. If they converge, at the most only 3 can get u at once.
and unluckily, I always go for that switch when I die...


I guess that proves my gameplays working. You have to be tactical, not fast, to complete this level.
then i get squashed by 2-3 alarm drones

"I swear, those alarm drones are EVIL!!"