Broke in Mountain 01-3

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable unrated utopian volcano
Created 2008-09-04
Last Modified 2008-09-04
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Map Data

Description Living the big life. Move from the small mountain to the big mountain by breaking out the top and moving in the bigger top. I especially like the beginning. RCE Please!!

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it's ok.

not amazing though. you can do better. 3/5

Its Ok

Its not exceptional by any means but it was quite fun. The gauss were well placed and the zap drones were an interesting if not overused diversion. 4.
because it wasnt my tileset.

But I cant create tilesets for my life :(


not a completion though 0.0

I like it a lot, the tileset is kinda bad though, but playing it was fun :)
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