A New Beginning

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player playable rated
Created 2008-09-07
Last Modified 2011-10-17
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Sorry to everyone who could not pull off the tricky jump.
You can find the version with the trap door here. []

The map (mainly was) based of teloportation but it broke down and I have only two teloporters left in the level itself (if you can think of anything that's really based of this level please note). Thought it turned out great And hope you like it. RCE ;D

*Edit* Trapdoor now gone

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i know

there is a trap door version, but that one is too easy for me, and i like a little challenge
tricky jump :(

Thank You!

Make more sense next time tho ^_^

oh yeah and


holy fuck!!

i love it!! i love you! i love every thing about the anything including this map(which includes you) this is amzing!! i wish i could kill you and take credit for this map!! jk but this is amazing!! no lie!! hahaaha!! i really love this map, did you know? 55555555/555555555
fun, engaging, addictive, flowing, and generally awesome. great map.


collabing with Riobe now? Cool, he's good to collab with exept for we haven't come up with anything for over a month now scince we had decided to collab, (no offence to him) maybe we should colab sometime if you want.


1:gold next to rocket w/ mines
2:the fact that you have to cornerjump to get the key
besides that it was good, not great, but good 4/5
Yeah. Still only a four because I thought there could be some better use of the empty spaces.

Oh I see

In (someone)'s demo they just did a wall jump from the left. Reverse corner jump does seem better, even if it isnt any easier :p


Thanks for the link

It's the level

I retract that statement

I'm sorry dude

But that's five rates. No more edditing allowed.


I assume the trapdoor was for the exit switch... the jump is just too hard without it and requires an awkward perfect jump thats miles harder than anything else on the map... I would put it back in but have the button somewhere out of the way, so the fastest agd people will go without it but others can still complete


That was just awesome, 5/5 +faved till I can agd

Its alrite

Good use of mines. 4.


Why don't ya make an AGD.


4 by the way


*poof Trapdoor now gone*


I'll never be able to do that.


my comments have been without actually seeing yours, because my computer hasn't refreshed. they made sense, though. weird.

Demo Data


Could you post a demo on not using the trapdoor.

i liked this

but there was no need for the bottom trap door. taking it out makes the map somewhat harder, and therefore more interesting.


Very slow completion. Tell me if I should add anything in the bottom area and if the jump to the exit switch is possible without the trapdoor.
Demo Data