Lift Me Back Up to the Sun

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga rated tileset
Created 2008-09-07
Last Modified 2008-09-07
by 11 people.
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hold on baby i got u
Like the hunchback of Notre Dame!
Here. []


Simple and beautiful, yet again. I really love your ability to use the limited resources of N to make such a variety of great tilesets.
5aved, though it is very cahu reminiscent..
I like how my map turned out. Thanks again for the tileset, hopefully I did it justice.

Really cool

Reminds me of cahu.

5/5aved I will most likely use this.

It's a ventilation

of my feelings.


its a tileset for people to use in their maps.

I don't get the point of this map.