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Author eganic
Tags author:eganic guass nart playable rated tileset
Created 2008-09-16
Last Modified 2008-09-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Hello, this is Nicky.
He'll be 8 in October :D

Ded to Lightning55. he deserves all the credit. gave me the idea, made most of the tiles, and is just plain cool.

to lightning: just wanted to make a complete version. no trying to say yours wasnt good.


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i think that there is quite enough mischeif around the house without a little ninja running around. wait...

how about

a katana?


wants a, and i quote, "lego starwars ultra general greivous lego set cause its got real light up lightsabers!!" unquote


my birthday's in october too!
Whatya want for your Birthday?

this is the ugliest rootin tootin map ive ever seen 0/5


(he's an orphan)

I <3 Nicky

whered you get him???

I agree w/ chaostar

music always helps me with maps


Nicky says thanks.
is so damn adorable!

izzat so.?

i'll try that... at some point.
yes you can. at least with the right "Nsperation"
music always helps.

Happy Birthday

Present [] please watch the entire demo, its special, just for you.


todays mah birthday!


glad you like it.
i made this (or should i say finished it) just for fun it wasnt really sposed to be a 'good' map lol. thanks anyway
wooooowah. i'll see if i can make some more. you cant really 'make' good ideas out of nothing though :\

hi Nicky

that is soooo awesome...


I have RCE'd every single one of you'r maps.
Keep on making more.

Hiya Nicky

@eganic: I wanted to make your avvy, erm Nicky into a playable map (if that makes sense). This is not really what I wanted to do but I still like it. Thanks for the ded. Its simple but actually looks pretty good (although its probably my map without objects and more filled it. Ill name mine Ricky.

Hi Hi Hi Nicky.

How old are you?

hey there nicky

do you want an ice cream?

Oh yeah

Hey Nicky.




I was about to say "this looks like eganic's avatar."

...then I saw who made it.

say hi

to Nicky.