REAL ninjas fly upside down

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Author exuberance
Tags author:exuberance fly glitch nreality unrated upside-down
Created 2008-09-21
Last Modified 2008-09-21
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Map Data

Description Very peculiar glitch with N physics that occurs when N is a negative size. MUST USE NREALITY PROGRAM, NOT N KTHXBAIE

To move left or right, gently move into the ceiling. (if you go too fast, KABOOM). To turn around, run into a wall.

to fly, tap the up key a lot

"Completion" demo included below (you can't actually complete it because with a negative size, N can't interact with objects. Plus I came up like 20 pixels short of the door.

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i can't get it to work....




for posting this here but where can i get nreality?



"Completion" demo

peculiarness strikes again
Demo Data