Castle of Stone Glory

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Author RedSham
Tags author:redsham n-art nonplayable rated tile-art tileset
Created 2008-09-29
Last Modified 2008-09-29
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description not really usable.

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I'm not sexist


This tileset is ace. 4


made my new map outta your tileset.

too quickly done to be any good, imo, but oh well.

i love it

anyway lightning, i'm bad at math

(: i don't mind


I have only one picture of myself on this website:

BTW, that's really me.


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Perhaps proving that you are that person would be in order?
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It's true....


The thumbnail looks beautiful! 5aved.

She is.

Very good mapper.
I heard somewhere that greeneggsandham is a girl too, but I dont know for sure. Anyway, great tileset 5/5 fo' sho'.


sendy is funny-looking, i cant tell what she is!! jkjkjkjkjkjkkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk im waaay totally kidding she is a good map-maker!!



haha i live in

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"i may sometime in the next week
my computer is broken right now so i make maps at school...

incidentally i failed a math test yesterday "

Lawl? Im taking Calc BC and have an A so far =P

Clearwindow, where do you live? (general location, etc, which state in US, or which country) You incidentally look like a girl I know.

Btw, isnt Sendy a girl? I'm sure there were a couple other girls too.

This tileset is pretty cool, but definitely more N-Art than playable tileset.


tiles redsham. And good use of perspective too! I suck at perspective...
i dont want to use it, but im glad to know i could!! <3
my computer is broken right now so i make maps at school...

incidentally i failed a math test yesterday



can i>?



you can use it if you want

oh really?

your welcome!!
this fast
personally. and this has thirty comments. i hope it's giving redsham some attention.

im not!!?!??!

who else? you!! jkjki lol :)

you dont look

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redsham: your orc is awesome just saw it.


We're just messing, clearwindow...

Nice tiles, btw 5aved!


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thanks for ratings

jk kind of. still there is no proof


but not YOUR highlights, because that's not you.


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