Feeding the alliance

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Author eganic
Tags author:eganic chaingun gauss rated rocket
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
by 5 people.
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Description dont do it.

Lightnings item placement was a lot better than mine so he gets most of the credit here. this was a friendly competition between me and him (i guess you could say a collab) he made the items and i made the tiles hope you like it Lightning


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im sorry

but it makes up for it since i said it at school. thats just a little cooler than you will ever be lightning. lawl.


im making this comment from school. lawl.
I thought KABLOOIE!

Lol why?

just to see your comments eganic.

lol i knew it

im glad your not leaving forever. you shouldnt leave forever just because you make crappy maps. not that you do. your newer maps kick butt.
but i like how it turned out :)




I'm staying on NUMA.
Just having a mapper's block.

Nice tough map.

5aved. I felt as if the leftmost gold room could be arc-ed in a way as to let the chaingun fire in and not the rocket. Nice use of my mine line.

Cant wait to play

Looks so much better than mine.

uh oh

i'd better fix that :O

Pretty cool

Some good ideas here. 4. Sorry if Im advertising but can you check my latest map? Its getting critically ignored :(


i made the tiles for gameplay compatibility so im sorry if the tiles LOOK crappy. cause i know they do