Here comes teh Rainbo!

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Author tinkers7777
Tags author:tinkers7777 playable unrated
Created 2008-10-18
Last Modified 2008-11-17
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Description NR. My first thought out series starts TODAY!

Okey dokey. Because you guys are too "special" to understand why I made this particular concoction, I will explain. It was not of course meant to be critiqued on, it was just an official sign stating that I am making a new series, called the Rainbow. I try to make a different style of play each time, with varied tiles and enemies. I noticed you guys said nothing whatsoever about the actual maps. Instead, you decided to whine about this one. C'mon. How much more obvious can I make it!?! DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS MAP. Comments on this page should be about the map as a whole.

Here are the existing maps so far:

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it doesnt lag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t
I lasted for 15 seconds. Pathetic, I know.


If you want to be a proffessional art maker, you will have to improve.
But the ratings were disableor a reason. I suppose.


i'll try to guess, but i dunno. maybe a 2 or 3. It isn't even
couldve put mor time into it
Then it looks like a load of Pollocks to me.

this is



That rainboce nice! Slick!