First Thought was a Collab

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Author rule
Tags author:rule first-thought-was-a-collab playable rated tilerun-competition tileset
Created 2008-10-25
Last Modified 2008-10-25
by 6 people.
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Description Yay, my second map for The Tilerun-Competition. []
I've got to admit. There is some very good competition :) Wish me luck.

O, don't run on this map because it might cause confusion when the comp. approaches its next stage.

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Woah, sweet tiles.

And a lot of fun to run on as well. Couldn't get as good as Outright in about ten minutes and I'm lazy when it doesn't matter, but I was only fifteen frames or so back =P 5/5aved, great for the TRC.

A bit quicker.

How can I sign up for a speedrun place, anyone? 4/5, btw, nice tiles.
Demo Data

I may myself

enter this contest. It stinks I can't post MY speed demo (not better than Izzy) but still cool. I love this tileset. Blue is now finished in the rainbow series. And I wasn't supposed to comment on this was I? Oops.


those jumps are fun to do, great map (=

Thanks for all those comments btw!


Np, you are one of the competitors anyway. :)
I just don't want any not-competitiors to confuse people.
I have a faster run waiting to be submitted.


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Completion, slow;
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