Central Heatin'

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Author greenblack
Tags author:greenblack hard keys ninja rated thwumps
Created 2008-11-08
Last Modified 2008-11-09
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Everything is closing in...
the wind, the rain, and the explosive mimes.
As a ninja, you have many paths in life. If you unlock and use just one path, life is no fun. But if you unlock and conquer all three of life's paths, you are in for a ride. just be careful at the end. redeem your mistakes.
True to above, fastest ninja to get an agd with all of life's path's completed (except for the last two keys of two paths) will get a special surprise. maybe a ded, maybe a cookie or swedish fish. What's the point of life if there's no surprises?
This level is my NUMA gem.

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you might get the ded romaniac


i never thought any one coulddo that. fbf?

I win!

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someone else knows
stress is bad for health
It is good to know.

A bit too

tedious. But it was kinda fun. 3/5.


i didnt multiaccount
I gave this a 3, hoohah a 4 and eganic a 3 there have been three other rates but only one comment. This means two people rated five without commenting which is unlikely. I shouldnt jump to conclusions but I suspect you of multi accounting. If im wrong and have falsely accused me tell me so, I will be in the wrong and i will apologise, its just that i despise multiaccounters unless they have a valid reason.


thanks for putting this map on the five list


heres a bit of help...
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is anyone going to try for the ded?
i think ill put more gold in.


the mimes are mines/ the wind thwumps, the rain zap drones. get it? the mime part was random.


ah ah ah

weird kinda cool 2.5up
Demo Data

is their a kind

of unexplosive mine? just sayin...4/5


awesome, life unleashed!