Seven Levels of Hell: 1, Luxuria

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Author Jedi_kMaster
Tags action author:jedi_kmaster hell luxuria playable seven unrated
Created 2008-11-15
Last Modified 2008-11-15
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Description Classic Concept (probably even overused, but couldn't help myself). Comes kind of from Dante's Inferno, and some from the Christain 7 deadly sins. This is the first, and possibly easiest, level. Luxuria is lust, i'm not entirely sure what that has to do with mines, but yeah.

Look for the next bit sometime soon.

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Whats the classic concept? Minejumper? Anyway I like the jumps in here but this could look much better and a lot less messy. Whaddup with the single random piece of gold?

Also I'm doing a Seven Deadly Sins series (search "sds"). Just to let you know...
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