suburban postmodernism

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Author toasters
Tags action author:toasters playable rated
Created 2008-11-15
Last Modified 2008-11-15
by 12 people.
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Description the cutting edge of avant-garde

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This sums up what I categorise as _awesome_.

Did I mention

Cheeky sod :) Great map tho, already 5aved but never commented.

I might crack out

a christmas map if I get the time.

awesome map

a 5 from me, i think :)
which is kind of hard to prevent, and anyway I don't really mind

I cheated.

It had to be done.
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4.5^ and favorited.


I like how to get the key you can either chimney, or use the tunnel in the bottom like I did in my demo.
Cool map :)
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5 loved it

pretty great

as usual


the closed off hole that you jump out of is really ingenious.


I love it.

Good atmosphere and nice intelligent flourishes. The locked off chimney is great, and all the little passageways make for satisfying play.

Fav'd. I'll attempt an agd later.

Be innovative

make new concepts, make magic, make a mess.

a little tough

but there are "cool ideas floating around"
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