Gunning Down the Hamster

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 dda intense nonplayable rated rdy-kun rockets
Created 2008-11-17
Last Modified 2008-11-17
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description Ded to Rdy-kun.

Everyone else is doing it. I really want RCE's from Psychosnail, Meta_Ing, and Rdy-kun. Does not cheat death, little gold delay. RCE.

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gread DDA :D

5aved ;D


meta_ing! how the f did you do that!!!!!!!!! 5aved (i wish i could bitesize)






It will be it the pack:)
just rate honestly. If enough people do, it will even out eventually. Also, thanks. It makes me appreciative if you faved it because that means you genuinely liked it.

faved and antisniped.



Holy Shit

That was fast... Seriously Meta, you are a mortal God.


Demo Data
I heavily wanted you, PsychoSnail and Rdy-Kun to see it. Now, you all have.

This was good

Especially for a mostly launchpad dda. There were a lot of very good close calls with the rockets. 4/5.

I'm going to try and find a way to cheat it now.


see my levels pleas

An amusing title to an amusing DDA. I'm usually not fans of them unless they are really in particular interesting, but I liked how I couldn't see the Ninja in all the explosions and fire for about three entire seconds.

I suppose I should get around to making another map so you can stop spamming my Like Clockwork. Maybe. map. :P


I've been in a horrible mood lately, for various personal reasons. (Take a wild guess, you'd probably be right) and not much has made me smile, laugh, chuckle, or giggle.

Gunning Down the Hamster is one hell of an amusing title.


i am catasttrophy nogin dosh uginy dorisly hypa o mega hulla hupa la funy lol not

Good luck

with trying to cheat this DDA.

Holy what the fuck

5aved. Fucking hell. I thought my old race was intense o_O. That was fucked up there, excuse my french. Laser's too would have made this a 6.


about 40ish rockets. I might take this and make it longer later (and hopefully better).
The first 2/3 was really great, but the close calls slowed down towards the end. If you kept up the quality throughout the whole DDA, it would've been better. Still, very nice for 2 hours though. 4/5.


Thanks. I only spent 2 hrs on it.


Very good.