27-0 conceptual

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Author ChaoStar
Tags action author:chaostar dood rated
Created 2008-11-18
Last Modified 2008-11-18
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description concept test. kinda addicting, dood.
join the dood revolution! put "dood" in a tag on your map

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graet 4aved

i love it.


it's too hard. dood
4/5 though. dood

yay! dood!

dood revolution, dood.

Oooh, nice dood

Good map. 3.5 up

ok, dood.

"dood" is the correct spelling of "dude" because dude would be pronounced dyood, and we say dOOd. ansd it's pretty awesome, dood.
And grenise did it. You just started a whole new tradition ^^
But why dood? EXPLAIN. caps lock sucks, yeah.


I'm glad people are supporting it, dood.




i will be doing that from now on :D

really liked the map. nice and simple, and fun to play around in.