Sinicism Undersea

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Author superstardomX_
Tags action author:superstardomx_ hard rated sinicism undersea
Created 2008-11-20
Last Modified 2008-11-20
by 10 people.
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I meant 2nd highest floorguard- not second lowest. The one that makes going back up near-impossible

Okay the 2nd lowest floorguard was just stupid, but the rest of the map was good


Correct it godammit! :P
Ive included it in my ded to you :)

*Agrees with atob*

Also faved for future reference to this artistic sty;e :)
I wanna be like you! Train me! ^^ Great map. 5aved.
O and I meant the part of the training, how do you make these so awesome.


the beginning was cool
Demo Data

underwater ruins

thoughts of a submerged cityscape

totally sweet and awesome

this tileset...


Good atmosphere

(the floor guards diluted that for me a little, messy) but the play isn't quite there. The left area is fine, but the right I found frustratingly cramped, especially with two chain drones.

It only takes a couple of seconds to look up a word on Google if you don't know its spelling/meaning.


death ... :(
Demo Data


oh well.

Cynicism then.

i dont even know what it means aha.


I think thats how it spelt :)Cool tileset, nice gameplay, Il give this a 4 for now.

hey superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup man!?!?
im only 72, but meh lol good to see u back :):):)

very nice

floorguards were great

a nice challenge

there was always a little cover from the chainguns, which was good
Demo Data


love the floorguards, 4


nice to see u back
lol but still awesome map 5