High Aspiration

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Author KlanKaos
Tags action author:klankaos fun playable rated
Created 2008-11-22
Last Modified 2008-11-22
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description It's an action map. It has enemies. Various enemies. Finished off my Sanctum series and I'm just playing around with a concept I've been kicking about in my brain for a while. Anyways, enjoy! And I want to see some AGDs, this map could get cool when you go for one.

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Nice one!`

The text automatically changes back. :/


Isn't that really slow? Demo please?

it was fun...

I didn't use the trap doors to get down.. I jumped down a side it was otherwise good... the chaingun was fun...


Awesome map. Great gold placement (looked good and it was in good places) and the enemies were placed really well, I particularly liked the drone pathing. Trapdoor + one way glitch was implemented very well also.