Behind These Walls

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray unrated
Created 2008-11-23
Last Modified 2008-11-23
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Description no gold? its not that kind of map..
speed it

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that style has nothing to do with how good a map is?

opinion is the element that makes this community work so well
a personal attack against me?

To me this is a bland, boring map, completely devoid of any atmosphere or redeeming feature. Sure, it looks nice and the enemies are placed nicely but underneath it's just a pretentious, hollow map. For me, the map's style has nothing to do with whether I enjoy it or not and I did not enjoy this map.

wow.. such a bold statement
of course it has everything to do with appreciating styles, everybody has their own opinion on what makes a map 'fun'
to some people, a map is fun, for others, its not.
for example, some people like your maps, but in my opinion, i really can't stand them, i don't think they are fun, but others still do
some people enjoy mintnuts maps, others don't appreciate the simplicity or the 'style' that he has to offer
its all a matter of opinion, you can like it, or you don't, a map isn't just a map, fun or not, its all based on the player
Either a map is fun or it's not.

completion - you have to appreciate this style to enjoy the map
Demo Data
It's incredibly dreary, so it could have done with some gold to lighten it up a little.


SLOW+farthest i could get= demo data
Demo Data