67-0: Please...

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy featured kk playable rated
Created 2008-12-05
Last Modified 2008-12-05
by 17 people.
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Description Yes.

This map was featured on 2010-03-15

Ba-dup. Ba-dup. Ba-dup.
I have the faster horse, the truer mantle.
Ba-Dup. Ba-Dup. Ba-Dup.
God and Christ are in my side. The King himself chose my flag and steed.
BA-Dup. BA-Dup. BA-Dup.
Young Hector watches from the hill. Does he think his father a fool?
If I lose, will I ever know? Does God allow dreams for the failures?
My heart stops, or my horse does.
Did I win?

The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there's no risk of accident for someone who's dead. ~Albert Einstein. — Slappy_McGee

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that is, entertaining sometimes but frequently tedious and made with a minimum of effort


just realised that the description says "Yes"
What an amazing coincidence. O_o
I discovered this route without watching any demos and executed this all gold run which took me the entire "Close To The Edge (Remastered)" album by 'Yes'. Epic. Simply Epic. 5/5 and faved.
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That's what she said.
kkstrong is a bit easy, and long.
I thought the review was god awful.

The other thing that comes to mind is Peach. "Oh, did I win?"


Review was as rhythmic as the map.

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Courtesy SlappyMcGee.

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Ah ... Ector. I suppose I should've made that connection, but I've been obsessed by White's The Once and Future King since childhood. Ector. Right.
With similar concepts :P


Although I was not necessarily thinking of this when I wrote the review, I rather like the idea that King Ban is the main character, as if his flag and horse were handed to him by his brother, the Dead King, rather than by an alive superior. :)

I've spent the last few minutes trying to figure out if there's a 'Hector' in any Arthurian legend.

first try agd

bit easy and long. 3
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rounded up. It´s a nice map-idea, but it´s so ..uhm.. regular. i am tired of trying it.
then again what do I know. The review was crazy as usual, Slappy :)



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A bit faster

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the close calls in that demo scare me. :0

Bit faster

*wink wink*
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Took me a while...

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1 frame faster.
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first try agd

bit easy and long. 3
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first try agd.

bit easy and long. 3.
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Could you plz

look at my latest map.
Sweeeeee Love it. I developed a method after the first try. Very relaxed. 5/5 and faved. Love it. XD


That was sweet, arguably better than the other map imo. The surface followingness was awesome. 5aved.