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Author 21_Seconds
Tags author:21_seconds race rated
Created 2008-12-08
Last Modified 2008-12-08
by 17 people.
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Description First map =]

I tried to make it alot like MARIJENANDRIES. Also first race!

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played this

when it was up top.
agree with riobe.
3.5 down

Kinda average

I haven't played a race like this in a long time.

Okay, the lowdown of it:

-The beginning jump is too sudden.
-Some of the jumps require a bit too much precision.
-The second rocket may kill sometimes.
-The very last mine kills me a lot. Moving it over a 1/4 space wouldn't have hurt anyone.

On the other hand, the lasers were good, and I liked some of the atmosphere in it. Very MARI.



don't let atob get you down. pick up the loopy style and run with it.

ps: this is, at least, quality, and has thought put into it, and even atob can't argue with that.


Forgot about this map after looking at it. Nice flow, but as atob said the flow is quite generic. That said, the speed of the map was impressive and it was fairly solid otherwise, although the second rocket seemed a bit demanding imo. A solid 3 from me, good for a first map btw.

It's rather ugly

and the play is very standard fare. Loopy races and I just don't get along.



You have a superb sense of flow, it would seem. Very MARI. try to improve aesthetics (Regardless of what a MARI race looks like.), and perhaps make it a little longer ^^

I think my main problem with this is all the mines, theyre just a bit ugly :/

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yeah theres a little to much delay on the second rocket most of the time, but i dont know how to fix that. besides slowing down there. sometimes you go past it and sometimes you dont.

quite good for an early map 3.5up

a little short, and theres really not a whole lot here that i havent seen before, but you get the concept, and thats the most imporant thing.

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this flows like no 1st map should.
nice job!


2nd rocket gets me
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i cant believe its ur first =]

mine was horrible ^_^

Looks like a

swarm of bees.
My real first was this

For some reason

I cant believe this is your first map, it is great. My first was terrible but this has the x factor 4


That last jump is possible, just hard.
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