A Proper Sendoff

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Author k1rbywasthere
Tags action author:k1rbywasthere gauss playable unrated
Created 2008-12-27
Last Modified 2008-12-27
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Description My 3rd map in 18 months. RCE.. right?

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most of the gold
Demo Data


i always forget to playtest enough. dude, that is an awesome glitch though. haha. i'll probably make more maps for a while, we'll see how it goes
*watch demo*

be sure to playtest your maps as much as humanly possible.
Demo Data
But I went into the editor and no other enemy worked nearly as well. The rocket's actually one of the highlights of the map once you figure out how to beat it imo


i didnt like this that much at all, especeally first rocket.

That is fun to play

5aved. 3rd map in 18 months? Please submit more often ^_^