Magic Roundabout 2

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Author chume14
Tags 2 action author:chume14 magic rated round roundabout
Created 2008-12-28
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 10 people.
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Description Its here probebly the hardest most tactical map I've ever posted. Wanted to wait till I'd got a demo befor posting but that was quite difficult. There are some intresting ideas in here with multiple routes which are quite hard to find. Extra gold in the middle for those who make the effort and agd should be possible. I'm chuffed with this.

Thanks to Hoohah2 for the late interest.

Below is the original easier version that got delisted for anyone who wants it

Magic Roundaboutl []


no. 8

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random attension way after I posted it this is actualy the second version the original was more simple but got taken down for spam cause I posted to many as it was my first day and I didn't know about that rule. So if you mean all together about 3 hours plus testing it to get demo. If you mean Upgrade from original about an hour plus testing its actualy quite a complex map

Great map. 5aved.
How long did it take you to make it?

Thank you

so much I spent so long making it and getting a demo and noone bottered but that made it worth it I think someone else saw it as well as its got 2 ratings now
more people shud look at it. i love the drones and the gameplay itself.



This was hard and I did miss some gold but got into center
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