The Perpetual Train

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Author wulfgang
Tags action author:wulfgang chainguns featured playable rated
Created 2009-01-13
Last Modified 2009-01-13
by 52 people.
Map Data

Description I've been struggling to craft any half engaging action maps just recently. This is okay....

This map was featured on 2009-05-06

“This is okay…”

Obviously wulfgang sets some pretty high expectations for himself. This map features a spectacular tileset and a simply awesome, snaking gold pattern. In many maps, you won’t see one chaingun work well, much less three; however, wulfgang adds another element of pleasant surprise into this map by making them work seamlessly with each other.

You won’t want this train ride to end.

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can any tell me how to make a map then play it then put it on line? when i make map, i cant play like normal game, and i cant play any of this map, why?


but I don't think you needed that many chainguns, and the tiles seemed to work against you in certain spots. 3.5

best speedrun
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the mines positioning could've been better... I would definitely give this 4.5

but since I CAN'T.
I'll rate 4


oh.. it's a train.
I think I need some sleep...
solid 4
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I tipped the balance! 5/5

Second try AGD.

(On the first try, my computer lagged for a moment, and the next frame the ninja was dead.)
Brilliant tileset, decent gameplay.
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Oh yeah

+1 for tileset to make it 5/5

Bit Short

But fun ntl .

I didn't care all too much for it.

"This is okay."

More like brilliant.


short lived play but still enjoyable. its a shame that trains gonna hit a wall tho

Really nice map.

all but 3 pieces of gold demo that I'm sure anyone could beat:
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nice, two features in a short time, definately deserving, nice work, I cant really say much because I already played this and faved it, I just didn't comment lol
I didn't expected that, anyway, the concept doesn't appeals to everyone, but I enjoyed this very much.
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It's pretty solid second time 'round too.

It's like a trainwreck waiting to hap- oh...

4.7/5 rounded up up up


great level, 5ved
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Whoever it was, they're pretty darned cool, that's for sure. Although, the whole train pun at the end made me wince...

Wulfgang knows how much I heart his maps, I hope.


Now I feel like featuring a wulfgang map too... :(
Could never complete it.
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I agree with him.

It's okay...


AGD - 1.
I rated this before with a five and I´d do this agaion. Very well done, especially the gold.
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A very nice map - the trapdoors didn't bother me that much (primarily because they saved my ***), and I like the aesthetics and gold placement (and enemy usage!) very much.

I didnt rate this before!? Ah!



Maybe it could have used a few more mines here and there?
Awesome tileset and gold placement, the chaingun trio also worked like a dream!

I was wondering,

did you have that CD by The Plot To Blow Up the Eiffel Tower on your computer? If so, maybe you could email it to me or something? They sound really awesome, and I can't find their CD.
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Nice tiles. Great gameplay as well. 5/5 and favorited!

I played this

as a jump only, and i managed to do 3/4 of a AGD before getting minced.


-ly satisfieing. 5/5aved.
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the gameplay was yeah, alright. I think you need to do a map with more sections, open maps like this always stump me
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Yeah atob

That was my main problem with it, I started off with some gauss and rocket placements with no trapdoors, but it felt unfocused and very generic. So I went with the chaingun trio and accepted a slightly clumsy execution.

Thanks for the demos guys.
bit after playing a few times it's really satisfying to move around in. It looks great overall, but trap door use like this always feels a bit messy to me, the ending especially so.


physically and mentally engaging.