The Spartan's Nest

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Author cheesemonger
Tags action author:cheesemonger gausses hard playable puzzle unrated
Created 2009-01-27
Last Modified 2009-03-22
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Map Data

Description Unknown to most historians, the spartans were quite fond of gauss turrets and often left them to guard their burial chambers...not for those who are aggravated by continual sniping.

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I do

4/5 - you now know why, don't you?

In case anyone ever

comes back to this page, I removed the thwump and edited it a bit.
Maybe I'll resubmit...


Demo Data


The gauss in the top right keeps killing me! The sad part is, I just keep coming back for more. Reel me in cuz I'm hooked! 5/5


was better than I thought, and although the hidden thwumps weren't a real threat, I really don't like hidden things, its a lame way to make a map more difficult than it actually is. good work with the rest, i.e.gauss'.