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Author Wind
Tags action author:wind bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-10-16
by 52 people.
Map Data

Description Another free-style map. Enjoy. I think I might submit the tileset itself, as well.

This map was featured on 2010-11-03

In contrast to yesterday's claustrophobic feature, ( ) epitomizes open, free-form action map-making. Wind took 2005 by storm with this forgotten classic (even LittleViking commented on it!), but I hasn't received a comment in five years. For me, playing this map again is like breathing a breath of fresh air in today's NUMA's tight stylistic environment. So enjoy yourself, as you cruise through those wide open spaces, luxuriate in collecting that sparse gold, and visually, appreciate Patrick's beautiful rotationally symmetrical take on the symbols on his keyboard. — krusch

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I read that as "In contrast to yesterday's catastrophic feature".

Nice review, anyways. I is very good.

Fantastic feature.

NUMA should have more oldschool featured.



sure it was a mistake :)

*but it hasn't

My sincere apologies.

Slow AGD

great feature choice!
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because it kicks ass!


I already got the fastest completion of 225 frames.

4.5 also

loved the simplicity. the quickest completion ever?
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Speed Demo

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I wonder who's giving this zeroes.


you're missing the point of the raiting system.

This is a really great map.


Freeform gameplay that's beatable, yet a subtle challenge if you're going for all the gold. A winning combination. Good work.

*got bored and dodged some drones*
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just me

havin somefun on this map. very fun. 4/5. i wont rate cause that would hurt your rating i bet
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Why must you be the top rated map?! IT'S TEH DEMON!

*Looks at tileset*

*walks to another painting*

haha, good job, I love the flow, and you placed the jump blocks at the perfect spots.

*Looks at tileset*

*walks to another painting*

haha, good job, I love the flow, and you placed the jump blocks at the perfect spots.


Everything fits together so well.


Here's an even faster completion.
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Blimey. I didn't mean for this to be the top 3rd map. It even temporarily made me the top author :S Anyway... The drones are annoying and that's the point. Deal with em ;) And ted, don't comment with random links to maps.


drones are ALWAYS annoying

good stuff

really fun.

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well made

although i thought the drones got annoying. great map anyways.

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Meh. Completion.
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Wow. You've gotten much better a lot quickly ;)

Totally Righteous.

There is no other way to describe this map.


I absolutely love it.