shaolin style

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Author 01123
Tags action author:01123 gauss rockets tang unrated wu
Created 2009-02-10
Last Modified 2009-02-10
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Description ded to chume14 for tileset.

I'm not satisfied with it, so I might make another.

who can finish quickest?

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Wu-Tang Clan FTW


same here

Been pretty busy

but I came back to this and still can't do it ahh well I did get to the door key this time
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I did not like this map very much at all. There were too many enemies, objects hidden behind blocks, and you say yourself that you aren't satisfied with it. I don't understand why you would put something up on NUMA for other people to enjoy when you don't enjoy it yourself. 2.5/5
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pretty fun
I gave it 4/5 thanks for using the tiles I just thought I'd take a look at numa for a couple of seconds and here this was at the top of hot maps. Here is the furthest I've got so far 3 switches got I will beat it though
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